On giving a ghost directions NaPoWriMo #17

It wasn’t about the grave where I usually lay my flowers that I spotted the waif . The bright sunlight gave her blonde curls that opalescent glow. Knowing at once she had passed over, I asked her why she was there. A translucent tear rolled down her cheek.

“He did this”

And with that she disappeared.


13 responses to “On giving a ghost directions NaPoWriMo #17

  1. Great storytelling in 55 words! “It wasn’t about the grave…” Such a loaded phrase to beginning which leads to various interpretations. Emotional too.

  2. A very creative POV. A powerful few words that leave room for many storylines. Just like your story when she disappears, I’ll leave your words in a minute, but my mind will keep churning the rest of the story. I like.

  3. ugh…that opens the door to all kinds of bad feelings about what might have happened to her…thanks…smiles. nice write…

  4. yeesh, shan–not pete–had two pages up and flipped the comments! I am so getting old. Yours is also a novel and also you have a gift, plus the storyteller’s knack, but you are definitely not pete. 😉

  5. And here we have the GHOST STORY…let’s wait until midnight to continue. I’m thinking this is a nice companion to Diana’s. Enjoyed it very much. Gay

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