Sheltered NaPoWriMo #as

If I had a penny for every promise broken
be a millionaire by now-you never keep your vows
not even the ones you made in front of that all
knowing etherous tyrant you believe in.
You know me, not the one to hold grudges
continue regardless, trooping through mud soup
without my boots wishing you won’t promise
the kids the earth on a rope like a helium balloon
they can drag behind them for a while and then get
bored and let it fly to the havens.

Don’t you understand that they’re too young to get
the shit you spout? They don’t care about
money, materialism, game playing between you and I
all they want is a cuddle, to be sheltered and feel loved
don’t you get that?
So while you continue offering them holidays abroad
that never quite surface, or a day in legoland or
some theme park that never quite goes to plan;
just think in a few years time how keenly they’ll
actually feel the sense of loss when you let them down
again, and again and again.

I’ll remember, because I was there picking up the pieces.

A prose poem for today 🙂


10 responses to “Sheltered NaPoWriMo #as

  1. This poem rips off the page with a gentle force, and if pennies were wisdom you would many jars of them. Intense emotions are laced in your words, but what makes this work is a sense of I’m not sure – gentleness combined with understanding that condense it into an emotional and meaningful moment. Powerful and effective, Shan!

  2. you know i went through years of a similar situation with my ex-husband never following through with my daughter… never being reliable… never being there for her as a father should. it’s difficult when we can’t control another’s actions and we’re trying to keep it cool around the kids for their sake and all we really want to do is slap the idiot ex silly. this poem really hit me hard, Shân, because i know as frustrated as you are with your ex, all you really care about is your children. very honest and emotional. *hugs* ♥

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  4. A ranting that I hope was therapeutic for you. I usually feel better after I write out my anger.

  5. I like your point of view. You are not self-centered, and you are mature in your writing, something you don’t see much online.

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