Reflective apathy NaPoWriMo #10

The voices in her head kept telling her to jump in.

Reflected in the water the subtle features of her usually soft face were all ‘wrong’.
There was something ‘off’.

Father had said all those years ago, trust in your reflection.
Had he known something she didn’t?

Those familiar voices continued, persistent. Jump, jump, jump…

Artwork today by Lauren Randolph.

Link into one stop poetry’s one shoot sunday!


8 responses to “Reflective apathy NaPoWriMo #10

  1. I read sadness through the effect of your lines; as well as empathy for those who suffer auditory hallucinations. What seems frightening to me about this image, and why I didn’t choose it, is that the reflection seems very deep and angles straight down very far…. However, geometrically stunning line intersects and angles.

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