A woman scorned NaNoWriMo #9



I sat awaiting sanity

upon a mountain top

still mumbling profanities

the penny didn’t drop


I looked down at my bloodstained hands

it caked beneath my nails

these legs just disobeyed commands

a woman off the rails.


I wondered if they’d look for me

there was no going back

was murder in the first degree

when axe was used to hack.


I found him there with my best friend

what else could I have done?

but help them both to condescend

and now I’m on the run.


Something different every day I promised that! I failed pretty badly at the ballad when the week came up at one stop poetry, so I thought I’d try again and this is what came.

Ninth poem this month and ALL different…check out my other napowrimo poems 😉


6 responses to “A woman scorned NaNoWriMo #9

  1. I hope this was all in your head after what you said to me yesterday!! haha.. love it Shan! Day nine…wow! : )

  2. Shan…amazing! The form perfect…but, who cares! When I saw the image I knew it was going to be intense, and nothing is better than intensity with perfect rhyme…(for me anyway) A standing ovation delivered to you today, for this piece and for your efforts this month. You go!

  3. It’s a dime novel in a few words…Like how you worked the word “hack” in there. It gave me a smile. And the penny never dropped.

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