seamstress #5 NaPoWriMo

Artwork Copyright Spartaco Lombardo

She dreams in golden weaving strands
whose scissored strings bruise many hearts
those paper cuts adorn her hands
she dreams in golden weaving strands
subconscious time, keeps shifting sands
lost soul fragmented broken parts
the fantasist of weaving strands
whose scissored strings mar many hearts


A triolet for this weeks one shot Wednesday over at One stop Poetry.


21 responses to “seamstress #5 NaPoWriMo

  1. really dug this…excellently have really got into this for adele…bought the wife her 21 cd for mothers day and have been blasting that song out for two days….

  2. dug it too… sounds like a cutting Medusa. Interesting how the poet undercuts the severity of subconscious scars with paper cuts and bruises. Nice work, Shan

  3. It’s a good day when I can not only read your fine poetry, Shan, with that scissors you take to the psyche, but hear some Adele, too. Many thanks for both.

  4. This has such musicality to it Shân, I like the way you’ve slightly altered the refrain lines . This is a great example of the form really suiting the premise of the piece.

  5. this is brilliant, Shân! i love, Love, LOVE your triolets!!!

    “subconscious time, keeps shifting sands”
    exquisite! love you! ♥ d

  6. “those paper cuts adorn her hands”… beautiful lines and rhythm…weaving strands….lovely triolet…i love this many possiblities with it…thank you …bkm

  7. Delightful triolet! The rhymes and the flow are musical in their rhythm, the images dreamlike and descriptive–narrative. Beautifully realized, Shan; and also, a beautiful find for the opening picture as well. Lombardo, hm? A most striking painting.

  8. you really are v good at triolets, Shan. I can fault much here. First line/refrain A perhaps a little of the dreamy/weaving golden strands-side for my tastes lol but nonetheless great piece. You even manages to use that word ‘heart’ (in a refrain!) and sidestep cliché. Loves ya, Shanie

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