Photograph by Indai Hobson

Immortalised pale beauty beams
dark hair enticing with her eyes
but no one ever hears her screams

behind the face you’ll see the seams
made up, polished to keep the guise
immortalized pale beauty beams

nothing is ever as it seems
emotion stretched by hurtful lies
but no one ever hears her screams

escapism to land of dreams,
where rivers flow ‘neath azure skies
immortalized pale beauty beams

she listens to their childish schemes
and wonders “will there be reprise?”
they hardly ever hear her screams

will there be peace to this regime?
Remedy for her forlorn sighs?
Immortalised pale beauty beams
But no one ever hears her screams

A villanelle (I hope) for one shoot Sunday


23 responses to “Immortalised

  1. nothing is ever as it seems…sometimes we envy the beauty of other never realising what they go through to get it or what goes on behind painted eyes…

  2. If anything, love allows the common perception of immortality. Beauty is merely an open window that lets in nature’s stirring song. Then again, who knows. Great poem.

    • Deep comment Adam, not sure this write was about love, it was more my indecision of reading the models pose. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, chemicals control the rest! 😀 Thanks for passing through

  3. stunning! as usual you surpass the rest of us in the beauty of your words, Shân, even in something as haunting as this. *hugs* ♥

  4. Wow! Such a challenging verse form and such a great response to the image. I’m surprised you saw the possibility of pain behind the mask of this beautiful model, but for me it brought something unexpected to the photo, suggesting that, perhaps all is not always as it seems. A very impressive write.

    • Thanks James, I tried to get inside the head of the model. Can’t always be a blissful life can it? A moment is only immortalised with a photograph, and I couldn’t properly read her expression! Lots of brilliant writes out there today!

  5. You capture well the way beauty imprisons and torments the beautiful. And that you did it via a villanelle is impressive. The refrains you’ve chosen are great and the rhyme is spot-on. Great job!

  6. you villanelle reminded me of that pale beauty – the young high fashioned model who jumped to her death in New York city a few years back…no one knew or heard her inner sceams… well written..bkm

  7. There is something about here eyes, a combined awareness and unawareness, that you’ve caught with the juxtaposition of beauty and screams. Well done.

  8. I love the depth in your poem, so much is hidden in a reflection, one can never really know.


  9. I loved this villanelle! Not an easy form to write but your rhymes didn’t seem at all forced. I especially love your refrain-it’s haunting.

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