Thanks you to Marion Friedenthal for helping me produce my first proper shape poem. I should do a reading for this one really. And yes folks you’re looking at one of these

Cariad in Welsh means love, or loved one, I tend to use it a lot in some of my edgier poetry. I decided to record it for the non welsh reader!

Listen to me here!


20 responses to “Insane

  1. Really clever poem Shan! I enjoyed it and the shape ~ interestingly I have just been writing a poem about those pesky thoughts! Synchronicity! : ))

  2. This is so good. One of the things I much admire about your poetry is how you seem to take a moment and get inside it, expose it. Brainy-shape or no, this dissection is no different. I suspect the abandonment here could be between man/woman or parent/child, but the paralyzingly sad effect is the same.

  3. i like the feel of the heart beating in that close…and that it beats love…which will addle anyones thoughts…nice concrete as well…

  4. I love how you referenced the various parts of the brain and the shape is awesome. The verse is sad and well penned. Emotions came through loud and clear. Great one, S!

  5. I have friends who are native Welsh speakers, so the word Cariad is familiar to me. This is wonderful in any language -and the shape adds a whole new dimension to the whole thing. I must try that some time…

  6. Brilliant concrete poem. I love the way the words repeat and shape the thoughts – although not clear if it’s insane, it may only be a mechanism the mind has to keep one sane..or maybe that’s the artist in you that’s doing that.

  7. LOVE your reading, Shân! our minds can be very cruel, not letting go of what hurts so terribly.
    i hope all is well with you!

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