Strata of a glacial heart
melts not with thoughts of spring
bound decadent in years of hurt
unwavering unyeilding

disect gently
within those layers
you’ll find humility
once humble
but smothered

aorta still intact
rigid, glass like
ready to shatter and impale

now pride keeps
captive a price
a toll for all who enter

breathe gently
layers strip away
and repair organic matter
preserved in ice

Written for the prompt by @chasingtao at today’s one shoot sunday.


13 responses to “Glacial

  1. you’ll find humility
    once humble
    but smothered…Shan, the is really quite lovely, while still hanging on to that shadow that seems prevalent in most of your pieces. (Hope that’s okay! I love the shadow) I’m never disappointed after a visit here, and once again you’ve done a write worthy of the awesome pic that inspired it. Combined…True and sincere AWESOMNESS! 🙂

  2. Strata of a glacial heart… I never even thought of this as a Glacial, but now that you caught my attention I see it. Wonderful take on the prompt today.

    Thanks for your visit today.

  3. brilliant use of words, striking imagery, stunning in its impact. amazing, as always Shân. you just keep getting better and better. *hugs* ♥

  4. Great conceit here, the image of a glacially melting heart. I’m a Florida boy, so the spring thaw happens in a microsecond — between the last cold blast and the first orange blossom — So I don’t have the local experience to compare to this thaw, which is both from one winter in the heart, and what’s eternally winter in the heart. Old stuff finally thawing; what kind of life is possible? And what ice demons still guard the ramparts, what animals hibernate in the aorta? Great poem. – Brendan

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