Images copyright anil Choudry

Found herself writing nonsense
night draped around shoulders
shuddering demise of warmth
in aching fingers, blue from effort

muses gave up, packed in
looked for keyholes to peer
through by moons sallow
snickering lightfuckery

found herself writing shite
wondering where the line
and time had flown
wasting it on idiotic musings

old-fashioned crimson ink
seeped into multiple pages
sliced, scratched drawn
without craftsmanship or thought

found herself wasting life
grasping onto the others green
venting emptiness
in a soundless scream

drugged coffee cold
Incubus pokes her spine
bound leather parchment
cold lump in throat

in that moment
biting her bottom lip
like the lost girl who lived
she feels a failure


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