don’t cast shadows anymore
the sun shines through
this corpse, greying daily
weighed down laden heavy

birds don’t sing here
flowers lost their beauty
poems are but a bunch of words
coagulating clot of clutter

don’t expect to walk on water
just want to raise my daughter
can’t even get me out of bed
facing new days with a sense of dread

laughter echoes hollow
haunting dislocated noise
sleep brings tomorrow
time to start again?


7 responses to “Invisible

  1. Am I right that both this one and Fog are of a piece? I’ve known far too many people who suffer from this, and from what I know, you’ve eloquently captured the both the process and the mental echoes upon feeling depressed. These words are stark and bleak, but seem to precisely chosen as to give order to the chao and make it understandable and relatable. A testament to your talent!

  2. I don’t think anyone can write poems without the dark nights of soul, without the depression and weariness of the life leaning heaving against the work, without migraines and mania and plain old slow low blues. Yet writing about the worst teeth one gets trapped in somehow also finds a door of some sorts — who know whether it will open, or if it opens on anything better – but the last stanza does offer the simplest one: Go to bed and let the next day begin perhaps a different poem. Nice job. – Brendan

    • I get annoyed by myself as I get into the rutt of writing in one big cliche. And you read your work back and you think, well that’s all been done before. End up ripping work to shreds and looking for something entirely original and out of the box. Thanks for your support Brendan, who knows what tomorrow flies our way, for one I’m glad I don’t know

  3. I’m with Brendan. We have to get it out. Don’t shred them up after the storm has passes because there are others in it’s midst who need to know they are understood. Sometimes that can make all the difference. Just to be understood

  4. your imagery and overall feeling of the piece nail depression on its head, Shân. and you rhymed! that’s another thing i can’t do. if i’m thinking about rhyming i can’t ever get out what i really want to say. i am really limited to free verse and micropoetry. your phenomenal at every form you’ve tried. ♥

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