Devil may cry

Crow caw beware
apprehensive warnings,
do not cross
not here
not where shedim slumber
waiting to dance on the grave

foreboding lingers
wolves and vultures
await carrion at the gaping mouth
many a soul lost
tempted over the threshold

Adam and Lilith shed
serpentine epithelia
upon these waters edges
where only darkness waits
perhaps an apple tempting

Umbilical shapes shift
shadow-like at the gaping mouth;
underworld undulates
Cerberus awaits
with a penny for the ferryman

Opening portals
with enchantments
communicating with unknowns
returning to stalk
eating flesh off the bare bones
of sanity

Stay away from blackened
hues of haunted echoes
skeletal fingers claw their
way from the darkness
hunting for pure and
untainted anointed blood

Where your lucidity
hangs by a thread
and mortality, humanity
equality, is in the hand of
fickle fates

beware all ye, who enter here

This is my one shot for tonight. All artwork is my own. Where’s yours? 😉


15 responses to “Devil may cry

  1. You tap that fear of going down into the dark hole, the unknown or the basement, the gaping dark. Nice use of the mythic references, and just gorgeous illustrations, especially the one at the end– like an abstract painting.

  2. must beware of those alluring portals into the dark…walking that edge can only go so far…you reveal it and warn of it….and is it all in the fingers of fate whether we taste it or not?…bkm

  3. The writing…brilliant. The images…brilliant. The path my imagination chose to travel when taking in this piece? Dark, haunting, down right scary and ultimately….brilliant! Wonderful adventure you have blessed me with this morning, thank you!

  4. Very haunting, exposing an apex of fear and mortality, reaching back into a literary and limbic past. The fear doesn’t abate as the reader moves through the tunnel in the middle verses and fear takes all those half rememberd (some even wished for) shapes. Reading it is like experiencing the fear and watching it at the same time.

  5. Wow, this is fantastic!!!! =)) love the haunting sense and “foreboding” 🙂 brrr chills! 😉 Love it! ~April

  6. Woohoo!! Deliciously dark, Shan… gave me the chills!
    I totally LOVED the last stanza…

    Gosh … I soooo love haunting/suspenseful poems!! You rock, girl!!

  7. perfectly scary for a wuss like me. especially love ~
    “eating flesh off the bare bones
    of sanity”
    you’re VERY good at this dark and haunted imagery. excellent!

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