Modern day knights

Modern day knights
no longer come dressed
in fancy regalia
some of them wear tin foil
protecting their heads from radiation
and little green men.

They no longer slay dragons
or offer their gloves
to swooning ladies,
or love with the ferocity
the burning heart
of Arthur or Percival.

No longer do they
go on epic quests
for rusty goblets and trinkets
only pint glasses and shorts
and maybe a pub quiz

Modern day knights,
do it sitting down
watching others run to ‘n’ fro
waiting for the next text
or mms,
sticking it on their credit cards
to keep the Mrs happy.

But then, there are those modern-day knights
with hearts of pure gold
who take giant leaps of faith

bless ’em.

Written for Friday Poetically hosted by Brian Miller over at one stop poetry.

Written for Friday Poetically


14 responses to “Modern day knights

  1. smiles…my how the times have changed eh? i am glad you acknowldged there may stilll be a few out there…oh drat i’ll finish this comment after the pub quiz…


  2. Wonderful Shan, I believe too that there are still some gentlemanly romantic knights in shinning armour out there. 😉


  3. great write. The tin foil protecting them from radiation is a lovely nod to the reactor workers in Japan. They truly are the modern knights fighting the modern dragons and thank the lord they still exist for all our sakes.

  4. Love this one! Bless ’em indeed. They may be few and far between, but worth hanging on to if your lucky enough to uncover. Really enjoyed this one, Shan….made me smile.

  5. Yes knights will always live on in if not recognizible to the naked eye…the heart of a lion and the quest for the eternal….nice…bkm

  6. I know you said it wasn’t your best and I know the dread of pushing the publish button with that feeling hanging over your head – but – this is really good and I like the twist of it. You take the idea of knight and invert it three times with the present, couch-load of knighthood, then reflect it reality upon the ideal which is still better than all that came before it. Very thoughtful and hopeful despite it’s apparant pessimism. I like it!

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