The artist


I told him I loved him once, a very long time ago.
He just sat on that derelict old stage with a pen and a jotter pad,

but I think he stopped writing.


The pencil stopped scribbling and scratching the paper, for the briefest of moments.


I wonder if he even heard me at all.



Flash 55 written for one stop poetry’s one shoot sunday. Artwork by Jacob Lucas


34 responses to “The artist

  1. So sad… When an obsessive, creative type lives inside his head and misses the kind gestures of others. Emotionally stirring 55. (also very effective 1st-person narration)

  2. …yes.i must admit that this small piece packs a tyson punch.”…heard me at all.”i often have this thought flutter through my mind.wondering with reckless abandon if anyone cares about the musings of a crazy poet slash writer.thank you.

  3. I think he needed more than just a nudge with your boot! At least this brilliant little write was born out of the frustration, and the strength it must have took you to hold that boot back!

  4. Wow-able work, utterly frakking (Battlestar Galactica, anyone?) perfect work. The second piece that made me go ‘I wish I’d written that.’ (Said in a non-jealous way.)

  5. Can’t help it. Anyone remember Marjorie Morningstar? The artist – quite the seducer. Also something of Kerouac here. Well done. Shan.

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  7. AMAZING 55, Shân! a wonderful take on the One Shoot! ♥ sorry i missed you on twitter/skype today. love you, girl ♥

  8. Ernest Hemmingway said you could tell a story in six words and proceeded to do it. I rarely see people really get that. They throw a few words together that say something but lack emotion which can be hard to evoke in such a small space. OK this isn’t exactly the same since it’s 55 words but still difficult to do and you pulled it off brilliantly. I think Hemmingway would be wow’d too. 🙂

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