fake ~ a triolet

Don’t harbour secrets eating from within
and hide them with congenial smiling
a worthless gesture downing vats of gin
and harbouring these secrets deep within
cohabit with the maggots on your skin
and acrid dirty teeth dementia’d grin
from harbouring these secrets deep within
elusive facade Formica smiling

Posting this one for one shot wedensday over at one stop poetry.

Enjoy! and link your poem here


28 responses to “fake ~ a triolet

  1. “Don’t harbour secrets eating from within / and hide them with congenial smiling” Sound advice as well as a lamination, I mean lamentation, a drunken duplicity. “Formica smiling” lol

  2. While still getting the creepy-crawlies from the picture, I was doubled down on by the triolet–now I’m totally creeped out and thinking of old in laws. Tremendously effective and well written piece, Shan.

  3. That first line “Don’t harbour secrets eating from within” is awesome. You carried me right in. A line many should honestly tell themselves. Are you the Shan from FE? 🙂

  4. Wonderfully juicy and descriptive imagery…to be honest, my skin still crawls! The pic only adds to it! I have to agree with Matt…the maggots made me wince too! Impact successful 🙂

  5. Wow fascinating, and really quite true. Holding things within can turn so ugly. This world, can be so full of ugly & imperfect, painful. Holding it in only makes it uglier! EXCELLENT!! *hugs to you!!! ~April

  6. Whhheeww!! AWESOME!! Intense and with a message that MUST be heeded to 🙂
    It’s no use trying to hide the ugliness beneath some superficial smiles… it will make itself visible sooner or later!!

    Powerfully written, Shan.. too good!

  7. Gin, maggots and Formica – that’s a hell of a combination Shân! ‘dirty teeth dementia’d grin’ – terrific phrasing – love it.

  8. i don’t know how i missed this Wednesday, Shân! visually and emotionally stunning poem ~ those secrets do always eat us from within, don’t they? as always, an amazing poem ♥

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