antineutrinos, diolch yn fawr

Our atoms split
photons of light

neutrons, never
neutral oozed
from nuclei

decayed over time
in invisibility

ride that gamma,
baby-ride it
as far as you can

to this day
I’m unsure where
your radioactivity

carried me

My poem for one stop wednesday, where’s yours?

37 responses to “antineutrinos, diolch yn fawr

  1. Are we talking about collapsing the wave? Entanglement theory? Just where have you been carried? There is more to this story and I do hope you find your way back to share it with us. Happy Oneshot! Enjoyed it much 🙂

  2. oooo this one glows – tho a radioactive glow isnt a good thing
    Gives new meaning to calling a chick “hot”

    Enjoyed it – took me back in time to days I was hot and I glowed

    Thanks for the hot One Shot

  3. I really like the feeling in this one. Especially captured in this…

    “ride that gamma,
    baby-ride it
    as far as you can”

    and the end of the poem.

    I love poems that risk a bit. And this has risked.

  4. Just wanted people to not think I was talking about looks. I got radiated pretty well when I was doing research with radioactive isotopes- I glowed for years

  5. It carries most to the cancer ward…if they live…when Madame Curie discovered Radium….people actually drank it believe it was filled with healthful properties….nice write…bkm

  6. A fun and wild ride, Shan. Very engaging and fresh feeling. Loved it from start to killer last line. Your use of a stair stepping short-stanza escalating structure really fed this into the brain, accelerating each little particle faster and faster.

  7. Nice turn at about half-way through; I like the fun twist of the scientific into something more romantic. Good flow throughout, but the sudden change of form in the last line, standing it alone unlike the other stanzas, makes it all the more powerful.

  8. Absolutely fascinating wordplay, I really like this. Almost has this breakdown of emotions in a scientific sense. Very well done! ~April xoxo

  9. Deliciously sci-fi and super sonic good!! So so creative, Shan… TOO GOOD!! Baby, I sure am on that ride… that gamma ride… and loooooovin’ it!! 🙂

    What a charged up One Shot!! Awesome!

  10. The effect of manonthemoon racing with the half-life of radioactive lovemaking all the way to GammaGamma7 and on through a milkyway of pleasure landing on a hill that became a mountain in Wales. You ROCK, Shan.

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