Tanka #2

image-my own

Spring touches flowers
their tiny petals unfurl
embracing the sun

their nectar remains untouched
pressed within my secrets book

Second Tanka for One Stop Poetry’s Form monday


25 responses to “Tanka #2

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      • you are correct, Shan ~ secret’s or secrets’ are possessive form (which could be used in your line)(secret’s could also be short for secret is) but i understood it in your poem as being “secrets book” meaning “book of secrets” ~ hope i’m getting it right.

  2. Nice work. The image is simple but well-presented. The only hang up for me is the use of “their” in two lines. With so few words available in this form, I’d like to see each word be fresh. That being said, I don’t know which “their” I’d replace or with what…

  3. I love the specific, detailed beginning of the poem and the introspective, rather mysterious last two lines. Isn’t it nice to see those snowdrops this time of year?

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