Standing in distended reality
it opens here before me
a verisimilitude of corporeality
far removed from tangibility

should I jump?
Morph into the seeming peace
a concord of taciturn silence
of blue wide open spaces?

indecision anchors
futile heartbreaths bind
portal pulsates, shatters

cold wind around
whip and shake
Left alone with
risk I didn’t take

Written for one stop poetryone stop poetry’ one shoot Sunday featuring the superb work of Sean McCormick.


19 responses to “Portal

  1. Builds tension around “seeming” peace, which oftentimes many be the reason or at least alternative for many of our actions. Nice play on the idea of a portal to another reality.

  2. i swear, Shan ~ this is the second One Shoot Sunday where we came up with very similar ideas ~ maybe the opposite sides of the same coin. of course, my writing is nowhere near on the level of yours ~ you use one or two words i’m going to have to look up in the dictionary. {giggle}

    “futile heartbreaths bind”

    stunning, sweetheart! i bow to you as a high priestess of poetry. ♥

  3. not always easy to make up our mind in situations like this – jump or stay – risk or safety – very well brought to the point in your poem shan

  4. Jump? Hmmm, let me over anaylize this and wiegh the options…oh….too late. Nice take…peace often seems like a mirage…I put my skeptic on and miss the opportunity. This made me think…it hurts.

  5. Most excellent and vivid little piece, Shan. Some great lines, too..”…a verisimilitude of corporeality/far removed from tangibility…” and the last stanza is chillingly apt for all those portals we ignore at our peril.

  6. jump, S, jump! It’s gotto be better on the other side, right? 😉 I enjoyed where you took this…the most vivid, transporting lines for me were:
    “portal pulsates, shatters

    cold wind around
    whip and shake”

    I know that feeling and you made me feel it with these words. awesome write!

  7. Aaahhh.. crisp, clear and most rejuvenating!! What a fantastic and refreshing take on the prompt… really felt like diving into it and splashing around… lovely!

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