A strangers embrace

The following is a duet with Steve Thompson, who was kind enough to team up with me this evening to write a poem.

I’m humbled that he agreed, and this is what we came up with 🙂

On mosely sholes they used to walk and tread the golden warming sands

her golden shoes danced in the moonlight as her eyes showed him where to walk

leaving prints they though could not be washed away by time or tide

her hands conducted him to feel like he’d known her always-

under the moonlight where strangers became lovers.

Secrets were ebbing and flowing in the waves

anticipating the drift of two bodies embracing.

He cupped her gently and so firm

beneath the waning moon she trembled

his memories of her danced in his heart and he held her sweetness close

in a kiss she found his soul, and surrendered

but her eyes were full of passion and he could not relent

the crashing waves around them crescendo, torment

yet the calming in his arms chased away her fears, replaced with subtle touch that caused sweet release

crumpling in the half-light on damp warm golden sand, his lips sweet and tender, she lost her mind

and the morning dew sprayed over their hearts cold yet invigoratingly wonderful as she withdrew, exhausted…as in a feast

As she left by dawn’s weak light, a smile. Knowing, that things would never be the same again…

She wet his lips like never before enjoining him to the wind so he could never return again.


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