Peri-menopausal prowl

I welcome you to cougar town
oh, please enjoy your stay
where all the men of thirty plus
have up and run away

a ticking time-bomb here awaits
of hormones, tits and eyes
and if you’re of a certain age
you’re due a big surprise

the predators, excuse the pun
are single divorcees
and prowl their unsuspecting prey
with poised accuracy

a woman of a certain age
should never be so coy-
in this town it’s acceptable
to date a little boy

where menopause and acne meet
there’s little in between
oh you’ll be fine my little one,
how old are you-nineteen?

A ballad for One Stop Poetry’s Form monday 😉 Where’s yours?


23 responses to “Peri-menopausal prowl

  1. Just watched “Momma Mia” and it reminded me of the song that I can’t remember right now. Forgive me, it’s still not noon yet :).

    Regardless…the rythm fit the tale. Loved it

  2. Love this one, Shan! I probably shouldn’t admit this, but when I was 31 I started dating a 20-year-old. {giggle} ♥ It was the longest relationship I’ve ever had and lasted until he died at age 24.

  3. Those old cougars prowl with rythm
    They sash-shay hips with flair
    To be so bold to bring them out,
    I really wouldn’t dare!
    Soon to be one myself! lol This was an awesome write that I much enjoyed. Still smiling!

  4. I love this! You’re hilarious.

    “How old are you?
    “Eighteen huh? You’re first!”
    “I like where this is going!”

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  6. Very witty. I am rounding that corner in a few years… I was stunned to find out it could last years!!!! I thought it was couple of months – six at most. How could I not know this. Just a fun, great write.

  7. lol a quite well done and certainly fun little read, shan. but you already knew my opinions on this. my favorite line is “of hormones, tits, and eyes” wonder why that’d be? *sigh* nevermind that. as near perfect, true to the form, as one will ever write. again. . .fantastic work, dear shan 🙂

  8. Shan…beauty knows no words like yours and I smiled the whole way through…You are one of the best on my stream…take care Shan.

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