long forgotten

Dusty remnants of youth gone by,
withered rose now looses her petals
head hung in despair
hint of a wasted life,
spent passions,
wistful desires.

Looking for roots in fertile earth
all is sand and dust.
searching for an oasis.
Somewhere roots can be laid anew
nourishment can be afforded,
Sun can smile.

She was never a rose to begin with
delicate but jaded
bound to self destruct
just a tired ol’ eggplant
trying to find her way

Re blogged this poem I found whilst going through my blogging archives. This is my entry into one shot Wednesday at one stop poetry today 😉 Where’s yours?


36 responses to “long forgotten

  1. poor eggplant would like to be a rose 😦
    I just wrote a poem about petals today – I love reading other’s renditions and views

    Nicely written
    thanks for the One Shot

    Moonie smiles

  2. i loved this the first time i read it. i love it more now. especially ~
    “head hung in despair
    hint of a wasted life,
    spent passions,
    wistful desires.”
    sounds all too familiar, i’m afraid.
    wonderful poem, Shan. ♥

    • I posted this last year when I was just going through the divorce, my sense of humour must have won out eh? Thanks for supporting Dani, really admire all that ytour doing over at yours x

  3. Whimsical and eloquent, Shan. As a gardener I can tell you life is just as hard for an eggplant as it is for a rose, and with only the destiny of being eaten to look forward to. Loved it.

  4. Life devours both alike – the eggplant and the rose. As the body withers the spirit strengthens – no more seeking for roots – spying the stars more like; (just a view from an aging eggplant (smile)).
    Beautiful work and the image completes it.
    Excellent Shan.
    Gay @beachanny

  5. Love the twist…you beg for a re-read at the end to understand this poor eggplant fully….nice work Shan…bkm

  6. Oh, but jazz you up with a little oil and the spice of life! You can still be the life of the party and you offer nourishment, where the rose’s passing fancy lasts not near as long. And they are an esthetically pleasing veggie in my books. Great verse.

  7. Very beautiful, yet down to earth…simple in message, but strong in spirit. It doesn’t try to make more of things than they are – not a rose, merely an eggplant – lends the narrative clever credence. There can be unlimited joy in life, if we just accept who we are…no need to push for some supposedly “greater” concept of beauty, of importance, etc…

  8. Mmmm…eggplant parmesan nomnomnom
    Everyone has a hint of a wasted life…we really never known if we’ve done the best we can (except maybe bono), but desires should be wistful and passions should be spent…they really aren’t any good being kept in our pockets. And in the end we are who we are and we do what we can…and an eggplant would so kick a rose’s arse…just sayin 🙂

    Oh yeah, I might liked your poem too..;-)

  9. This is so poignant. I’m reminded a bit of my 94-year-old Alzheimer’s-stricken mother-in-law, who remembers only what she was when she still thought she was a rose.

    Thanks for stopping by to comment at my place. I love comments. 🙂

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