So near…

The following poem is a compilation poem taken from this photoprompt between Sean Vessey who’se wonderful blog can be found here

I’ve never had so much fun bouncing ideas off someone on an otherwise dull Sunday evening. Thanks Sean for being such a good sport!

This is what we came up with, enjoy!

Lost in thought he mopes

Lost in him…she ponders

I hear you breathe in my heart

In my nightmares I can’t reach for you

In the darkness I can’t find you

We hear our hearts searching

Reverberating and pounding on four empty walls

For we have missed each other once more

Are we always to be searching for one another?

We can find each other in our hearts – so look deep

For you flow like the blood in my veins

You fill me with passions blood from my heart

And you fill me with words from the soul, a two sided coin with only one face

You give meaning where the light and dark clash within me

Your gentle consolidation gives me wings to fly

Your upwards dance gives me hope for better tomorrows

And I find rhythmic enchantment enlightening our future

I find a better day when you dance within it

With every move I make it brings me closer to you, to happiness

Happiness Is in me around you

To see you smile brings down the tallest walls, demolishes the barriers that keep us apart

The light reveals the true road to your heart

Let it’s purity guide us step by step hand in hand
Our purist love meets the wants of one another without asking

And we give ourselves freely to the strengths of love’s embrace

I slip my hand into yours a gentle testament to your heart

It flutters like a butterfly when you guide your fingers around mine

Your beat chases mine as I feel your hand

I turn to you the honesty in your eyes apparent

My eyes, heart and lips say what I feel to yours

I cup your face within my palm to rest my lips on yours

I drink from your eyes and lips

And in that moment we hold the world in a fleeting kiss

We feel the universal heat in our kiss falling into infinities brief moment

The world is washed away beneath our feet and crumbles into nothing

In our moment the world matters not

In our reunion we are whole

Reunited again and again under our loves banner

Never to be parted as our colours fly true

Never parted in night or day’s light

Solace found in one anothers arms, and truth in each others hearts

Comforts found in hearths and hearts


15 responses to “So near…

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  2. i’m SO glad you put this into a post. i got to see some of it live and scrolled back for the rest on twitter. you both were wonderful! ♥

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