Balad 1

I lay and watch the universe,
on gentle winds ‘neath moonlight skies
the trickling time just flowing by
do not you hear my heartfelt cry?

soft silent, speaks the teasing wind
within the branches of the trees
tells tall tales of changing worlds
who will not understand my plea

a rivers gentle melody
and music of the night
the reads continue whispering
in ignorance of my plight

silver moonlight magic light
the meadow touched with dew
a thousand shattered remnants why
my heart is all askew

and as the moon moves on beneath
a thousand twinkling stars
my canvas reveals a secret
a million jagged scars

I wrap myself in natures wares
my mournful heart touched by the breeze
which means to heal this very night
lost paralyzed beneath the trees

my soul is on the milky way
and scattered in the gentle rain
all this deities melody
cannot eradicate the pain

biting my tongue in angry dream
No, gentle winds, seek not my heart
too fragile for this ‘silent night’
where sanity has torn apart

@copyright Shân Ellis 2011

8 responses to “Balad 1

  1. Bravo, my poet friend! This is beautiful, haunting, painful, and even though it rhymes in the sing song of the form, very real. I think you’ve done a steller job…I do so love this form! 🙂

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