Aloha `oe

We left our marks on golden sand
Meandering on summer days
Made heated love under the dunes
Confessed our love at dawn of day

but love-like prints can wash away
with turning, teasing hands of time
a war had called your name to serve
and left you did that very day

these prints are now mine alone

a hui hoi kakaou, until we meet again.

Digital art by Iquanain moon it’s one shoot Sunday at one Stop Poetry. Here’s mine where’s yours?


18 responses to “Aloha `oe

  1. We sometimes have to grow up separated to understand what it takes to grow up together.

    I like the final line, it’s filled with the purest hope.

    Kisses beautiful girl! =*

  2. A tropical flair to your response; also emotional with a nice flow to it, moving from love to war rather swiftly. I’m left with an impression of both sadness and hope. Very nice work on the prompt, Shan.

  3. your poem reminded me of pearl harbour shan – the love and the having to leave for war and maybe never come back.. sad stories..thousands of them…well written

  4. Footprints on sand suggest the temporary – they’re so easily washed away. Love can be, too, but this poem has a kind of wistfulness about it, that there is regret for a love lost. Nice one.

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  7. Awww… beautiful yet sad… why does it have to end this way? (sigh)
    Really liked the way you paced this poem… it made love linger on throughout…which was really really nice!

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