She stands there naked underneath the moon
its light reflects the paleness of her skin
a goddess lost her marvel came too soon
she searches magiks buried deep within
so statuesque she holds-this is her choice,
so stoic and proud her mind it keeps her strong
the raping chill, they resonate his voice
she’s anchored by the memoir of his song
her mind re playing lost harmonic dreams
awaiting for sweet death to reunite;
a child, a nymph who cries in silent screams
her nightly vigil yearns to end this fight
“One day”, She whispers; tears roll down her cheek,
“I’ll curse the ones who say to love is weak”

My first perfected Shakesperian sonnet written in iambs. I’d like to thank sensei Luke Prater for spending so much time with me to get this one right. As always on a tuesday this one is for one shot wednesday over at one stop poetry.

Where’s yours?

29 responses to “Stolen

  1. From eerie chill to sense of forlorn hope, love is really the driving force in your poem, and in life—for most …even when optimism is punctuated by tears. Solid use of form. (sensei Luke is knowledgeable) Excellent, Shan

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  3. great job, lady, and now onto bigger and better things fer ya! don’t stop now with that meter and rhyme 🙂

  4. kudos shan – a fantastic first sonnet. i have written my first just a week ago and know it’s hard work – the more i know the value of your excellent work

  5. deep emotions flow across the spectrum in this – well done! I have yet to write a sonnet but after reading this I am inspired to add that to my bucket list 🙂

  6. I’m slowly growing to hate sonnets, but I’m making an exception for this one. It’s got a very strong, almost mystical opening, the theme moves along beautifully, and the images are striking. Very good work–and I know it was work., but well worth it, I think.

    • I’ve only just looked at the English sonnet, apparently the Italian ones are easier to write, but I’ll stick with these for mow and see what I get up to! Thanks, you know I’ve put in some graft here, glad it came out well!

  7. Feet or measure you count well as a poetess magic and mystic. Very well crafted and as hedgewitch said not without pain. To comply with form and say what you want is a daunting task and you have mastered it here. Well done, you! Gay @beachanny

  8. I wonder what made her feel so dark on the inside…
    But through your poem, you’ve made her misery and sadness leap out! With emotions so strong, it pains one to think of (much less experience) such betrayal/loss of love..

    Well expressed, my friend…
    A beautiful one shot!

  9. the raping chill, they resonate his voice
    she’s anchored by the memoir of his song

    So wish I’d written those two lines Shan! Mesmerising sonnet, you nailed it.

  10. First, you are one of, if not THE best poet I know. You have put in so much work since I’ve known you and you are brilliant!

    Second, the words you used and the emotions conveyed just took my breath away, Shan.

    Third, I really respect and admire how you are constantly willing to stretch, try new forms and the effort you put into perfecting your technique. You are the epitome of a true poet.

    You and your words are amazing, love. *Hugs Full of Affection & Admiration* ♥

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