Sweet dreaming.

That was ‘my’ summer
where freedom breezes
blew warmly on tan kissed skins.
I remember the smell
of freshly harvested oats
and freshly ploughed fields.

We’d just graduated.

you, set for the army
I, taking a year out
both world explorers
singing songs of change
in front of camp fires
waiting to catch the dawn.

Hand in hand.

And under that morning sun
its tendrils tinged with hues of gold
our adult lives begun.
Promises sealed with
ripened cherry kisses
forging our future.

Amazing inspiring artwork today provided by Katherine Forbes. It’s one shoot Sunday over at one stop poetry. Where’s yours?


28 responses to “Gold

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  2. Your lines are golden too. Reads like you capture the story of two lives beginning a journey together. And your word choices add great depth that make me consider a tinges of false hope amid beautiful sentiments (forging a future amid sweet dreaming). Very well expressed, Shan!

  3. Glorious take on “young loves” eternal & unflappable optimism. Thank you very much for reminding me of my summers past but not forgotten, hope we never do lose your message.

  4. It’s been so long I can’t remember forging my adult life…am I an adult? Sorry…got to thinkin. Which is what I like about this poem. They were adult enough to carry on with their calling despite the warm affentions. good one.

  5. “That was ‘my’ summer
    where freedom breezes
    blew warmly on tan kissed skins.”

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! ♥ I had a summer full of freedom breezes. You are such a talented poet, Shan. ♥ Thank you for sharing your golden words. ♥

  6. Beautiful image of young – first? – love, preparing to meet the greatest of challenges, or truly, the changing of life. Each heading in separate directions, off into the winding trails of their own lives…with one, lovely moment left to them. And here it is, romantically captured. Very stirring image you’ve greeted us with here!

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