I watched you sleeping
under cover of starlight.
You sighed as you searched
for me next to you
but I was gone.
I analysed your breathing
tried to peer into your mind
behind your eyelids,
to reason that somehow
you were dreaming of me.

Turned my back on the site.
Searched for coffee in the dead of night.
See? I laugh to the echo of the walls
you only saw what you wanted to believe.
You never saw me,
or did you?

Travelling incognito.
My armour never pierced,
Walls never downed.
An unholy protective shroud.

Lighting the cigarette and watching
the grey blue smoke waft before me
Killing me softly.

What the hell was I thinking?
Bringing you into this?
The catastrophe of my being.
Suddenly I’m the one who’s fuming.

No reason for anger,
I’m just a stranger
you’ve lived with for over a year,
God it’s been that long.

Essentially strangers
Occasionally sharing a bed
And the dreams that we dream
stay in our heads.

Incognito…listen here

Thank you for all comments previously, decided to edit out some lines, and play with the words….and add a reading!

This is for One shot Wednesday-where’s yours?


51 responses to “Incognito

  1. It’s a beautiful and strong musing, had listen to you reciting that, has made it even more powerful to me. Thanks for sharing, Shân. Much love from Brazil. =*

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  3. i loved hearing you read this shan – so nice to know how you sound
    some tough lines in this poem – but i was gone – hit me most i think

  4. Your reading is truly stunning, Shan! I’d love to hear you read one of the steamier poems. {grin} This is, as usual with your writing, a brilliant poem.

    “Travelling incognito.
    My armour never pierced,
    Walls never downed.
    An unholy protective shroud.”

    I know this part all too well. Love it. Love you. ♥

  5. ohhh ohhh ohhh. I love I love I love.

    “Travelling incognito.
    My armour never pierced,
    Walls never downed.
    An unholy protective shroud.”

    That is my fav part! I read that 3 times, seriously.

  6. Wonderful piece, Shan. You perfectly describe the loneliness of a relationship we have all passed through at some point in our lives. Whether the distance is held by one person or another, it is still distance. I suspect that for some, it is born of selfishness, and for others, born of fear. Your piece seems to speak from the place of fear, fear of being hurt, perhaps, or fear of being left. Sad and alone in any case. Well done.

  7. This is very intriguingly perceptive, love the way you’ve built the intensity of you anger as the poem builds. It pains both a powerful and soulful picture of longing for that little bit more. Great writing.

  8. While reading the beginning part I thought there was a breathless quality to the way the lines sounded and then you mention watching one breath. Very cool effect. Fine poem, Shan

  9. Oh the doubts we have when we can’t sleep and you captured all that in such a beautiful write. Wonderful to hear you read. Thank you, Shan. Gay @beachanny

  10. Looking without seeing, loving without understanding, wanting to blame but knowing it’s a two way street, knowing something’s lost, or missing, or wrong, and dreaming always dreaming it will be different someday. You express all that very beautifully here. And your reading was excellent. Enjoyed it very much.

  11. Really like this one Shan, particularly the killer ending.

    You sighed as you searched for me next to you but I was gone – these words are very telling – sometimes even when we’re here we’re elsewhere.

    Enjoyed hearing you read it too. In the North of our beautiful country I’m guessing.

  12. A potent embodiment of the distance that exists between many people…even those we think we know well. How much of one’s image is really them, and how much have they merely let us create? It puts a question to relationships, and how we view and want to be viewed by the world around us…how we interact. Fine piece, with a great ending in particular. As great a listen as a read. Leaves a lot to reflect on.

  13. I felt this one, so deep ..intimate strangers, that still have incognito beings in their heads. we never really are so in until we intensily belong. this one is so Excellent, breathtaking!
    Re-reading it and still the emotions are stronger every time. i LOVE IT!

  14. I think the sign of a great writer is someone who writes
    for themselves, yet writes something others can relate to–and if
    they’re lucky. they’ll make it timeless too. You just did that.
    Thanks for this piece.

  15. The feeling of not knowing and not connected at the basic level is so powerfully displayed here… I could relate with this all… your lines in the end were so perfect… summing up all..
    ‘And the dreams that we dream
    stay in our heads.’
    Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  16. Can I simply say what a relief to seek out someone who really knows what theyre speaking about on the internet. You positively know how you can deliver an issue to light and make it important. More folks have to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular since you definitely have the gift.

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