Passing storm

Haggard skies bursting
Bruised purple hues waging war
On tranquility.

Peaceful waves lapping
Unaware of the Torrent
kissing smooth pebbles

Downpour of raindrops
disappearing unnoticed
In the mirrored lake

Haiku is a form I use often in my writing. It was
possibly the first form of writing I learned about. I’m using these
haiku as an unadulterated plug for Snowdonia National
. Written for one Stop
Form Monday


17 responses to “Passing storm

  1. Beautiful haiku matching perfectly with a beautiful photo. I can’t write haiku at all (I don’t have the calmness in the eyes, I guess) but I’m also One Stop Poetry challenge. =)

    You write beautifully, Shân.

    Kiss you girl! =*

  2. This is my favorite piece that you’ve written so far. Your imagery in this piece is refreshing, breathtaking, and left me yearning to read more. Job well done!

  3. an enjoyable piece
    I’m glad you feel comfortable with haiku I know everyone has one or two forms that are their “friends”
    great flow to all of them individually and as one
    I have wanted to go to Snowdonia and never managed – some day

  4. beautiful. I love haiku… started trying to write some myself within the last couple years… and really appreciate the simplicity and deep meaning that things can be distilled down to…

  5. The Haiku are perfect, the first two with their contrast are beautiful. The third one with the down pour and mirrored lake is great too. But I was just wondering, whether in down pour a lake can be like a mirror… Just thinking it aloud…. Hope you will not mind me saying this…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

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