The game

Sitting in silence,
the room stops as we
read each others’ eyes.

Flirting with danger,
conversations in whispers
temperature rising.

Chemistry flowing
electricity performs
as we touch fingers.

Unable to sit
we grab our coats-pausing
for a brush of lips.

The world falls away
unspoken language presses
meaning on my skin.

As the door closes
you are mine, as my fingers
trace lines on your neck.

Smiling, you press me
gently against the cold wall
your weight warms my core.

Breathlessly we laugh
whilst we tease, unrelenting
all woes brushed aside.

Gently exploring
each others bodies moving
pushing to be free.

Welcome to the game
gentle subtle seduction
I had forgotten.

This is my offering for this weeks one shot wednesday over at One Stop Poetry I hope that you enjoy.


16 responses to “The game

  1. This is a wonderful piece Shan. I’m a big fan of tercets and you’ve used them to good effect here. Your use of capitals is a little random, not sure if that was intentional but I think you could improve the flow a little with a tweak here and there. Lovely mood throughout the whole piece. I particularly like

    Unable to sit,
    we grab our coats – pausing
    for a brush of lips.

    The piece really takes off in this stanza. Really enjoying reading your stuff.


    • Thanks Carys, I don’t know what goes on with capitals in my head, I just use them as I see fit! I’m just a random person. Glad you enjoyed the read 🙂

  2. Sleek and sexy – a stylish little piece that certainly captures some of the underlying tension of a certain order to that game we call dating and romance. My only question is as to some of the capitalizations, why “You” is capitalized sometimes and not others, or lines all beginning in caps, then other stanzas with some in caps, some not…didn’t know if that was deliberate, or whatnot. Just figured I’d ask. Great piece though.

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