Awed contemplation
grateful of a secret veil
which mask the tears

Written for one stop poetry’s one Shot Sunday.

This photo was taken by Danielle Kelly read about her and visit her site today!


7 responses to “Hidden

    • Cheers Adam! Really wanted to write something longer tonight, but this is what came for this specific photograph! Thanks for popping in and have a happy wonderful new year!

  1. So much said in so few words. I have been enjoying reading each of the poems, so many different viewpoints. It’s funny how we all see the same picture, but so many different interpretations of it.

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  3. Your haiku allowed me a different view. Until I read it, I didn’t flash on Tennessee Williams’ Suddenly Last Summer. I have vacillated as to whether “she” is actually a “he” all along. Pete’s piece touched on it too. But suddenly I had a different picture of the poet in SLS dressing in drag as his cousin brought the “catch” to him. The tear line did it I think. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

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