Mother’s prayer

Si hei lwli
I sing softly
Rocking in the half-light
Si hei lwli

If there be illumination
A morsel of whispery moonlight
Let it save my grace
Find me tonight
Caress these colluding shadows
Where finite cobwebs

Si hei lwli mabi,
Mae’r llong yn mynd i ffwrdd

Mend a weary mind
Marvellous beams of Phoebe
Where weights have laden down
And all around
Just leave.

Exodus of sanity
I beg of you
Let me hold this beam
Within my palm
Bless me with the power of calm.

Si hei lwli
Mae’r capten ar y bwrdd.

As the blanket so firmly holding
Virginial, pure is beheld
With the brush of a lavender sky
And the rays of dawn.
I rub my sullen lilac imprinted eyes-
Here comes morn.

And in my arms
A sleeping boy
I sigh
My tiny everlasting joy.

Cysga di, fy mhlentyn tlws.

Hit a wall this week. Thank you Ranee Dillon, Pete Marshall, Adam Leach and Ifan Wyn Jones, for giving me the promps that formed this poem.

This is todays One Shot post for One Stop Poetry, where’s yours?

A mother\'s prayer


36 responses to “Mother’s prayer

  1. Beautiful writing. Such a sweet nurturing placement. True joy it is in those moments, always treasured! I LOVE the last stanza! Almost seems to hold the effect like that of a lullaby. 🙂 ~April

  2. this is absolutely amazing and beautiful – what a tender song – almost like giving birth after giving birth – full of emotions and calmness

  3. Very fond of lullabyes, always. This one is both serious and soothing. “Bless me with the power of calm…” indeed. Still, one feels the burdens laid down when the child is in arms…one can only carry so much at once.

  4. This is beautiful, I love the mysterious intertwining of the other language. First three lines of stanza two are pure magic. Lovely images and delicate phrasing throughout.

  5. This poem would have been lovely to hear you read. Since I’m assuming this is Welsh and therefore (for a Texas girl) impossible to imagine the sound – but even in its written form such a lovely counterpoint to the English. The images scroll through my mind from Giotto to Mary Cassatt – Madonna and Child, Mother and Child, innocence and love. So tender, so mild. Thanks Shan…and happy Christmas to you and yours. Gay

  6. Sweet, simple pleasures–the beauty of waking to a magical morn and the wonder of family. Captivating imagery that caresses and elates–a tender feeling. Emotional, touching, strongly written.

    Might I inquire as to what other language certain of those lines are written in?

    • The other language here is Welsh, these words are tasken from a traditional Welsh lullaby that I frequently sing to my son. Thank you for taking your time to read my work it’s much appreciated

  7. Old and new at the same time…mother and child and prayer. No matter what religion one holds prayer of some sort is needed to raise a child. This is both haunting and peaceful to me. Beautifully done.

  8. Well it was beautifully prompted.

    Age old prayers of a mother, one in particular would have had one painful vigil

    thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon Smiles and have a Wonderful Christmas

  9. Beautiful poem… the native lullaby excerpts work very well. The line “My tiny everlasting joy” got me to sigh with a smile 🙂 Heartfelt, moving writing.

  10. melted my heart…”my tiny everlasting joy” – what mother can’t relate to that?! language, time, religion…matters not when it comes to a mother’s love for her child. Great catching you on twitter today. Merry Christmas.

  11. Beautiful, magical ~ you touched the mother deep within me, Shan. Quite tender and gentle, yet powerful emotions. You are such a talented poet! Love to you and the kids, sweetheart. Merry, Merry Christmas *Sparkly Sequined Holiday Hugs*

  12. this came right…really enjoyed the read and glad to see the mother tongue in full use…yep ENGLISH! LOL…serioulsy this was wonderful….and have a great christmas Shan…you know i mean it…all the best ..pete

  13. Oh, you poor tired Mama. You still hold onto a blissful calm. Cherish that memory. I felt some pain in the moment, but you let it go with the dawn. Very peaceful read.

  14. what a lovely pieve… the repetition of that refrain line in Welsh gives it a lullaby feel… I love poem with an element of different culture/language (if not too inaccessible)… very nicely done here. Might I direct you to the blog of wonderful poet friend who joined OSW this week, also hailing from Wales, and often writes about it/some words in Welsh. Her OSW entry is a magnificent villanelle in iambic tetrameter (none finer), but I’ll also give you think link to her poem Cariad –

    Warm regards Shanellis

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