The Arrow shot-picture prompt challenge

asylum of decay
Captivating anorexic demise
A pregnant pause-Silent screaming
That’s all you’ll ever hear.

A four liner this week for this exquisite piece of work from Claudio Muffarege

Excellent choice of artist for the photo challenge over on One Stop Poetry

Where’s yours?


15 responses to “The Arrow shot-picture prompt challenge

  1. Wow. Complete, and deep story told in four lines. The pause and silence is deafening and the scene does look like crumbling asylum walls. Very powerful poem.

  2. Haunting! Perfect poem to describe the scene. I read the lines several times while gazing at the photo…each time the meaning deepened. Well done!

  3. The picture is haunting, yes this is true, but it also felt like the character was longing for something with a tortured soul. Great conviction for a four line poem.

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