Ghosts of Christmas Past

The house is silent,
A cold draft sweeps
some dust over bare floorboards
And the home laments.

Spirits swiftly move
from room to room
echoes of laughter
pitter patter of footsteps.

In the dead hearth
A fire ignites.
Illuminating a lonely pine tree
Without light.

An old black and white tv
In the corner of the room
Switches on
To Bing Crosby-a christmas song.

“Chesnuts roasting on an open fire”
Cheers of merriment
bounce off the empty walls,
falling on deaf ears.

A single scrap
Of wrapping paper
rolls under the tree
to mummy with love”

A lonely stocking
drops from the hearth
A lonely stocking
A hole in it’s heel.

The door blows open
Snow billows in
In the distance
Some carollers sing.

As the fire dies eerily
An advert on the tv
“Buy now for $99.99”
The sprits giggle…Christmas is free.

A cold empty house
Not a creature stirs,
Not even a mouse.

Tried to write a metaphor poem, not sure it came out quite as expected, but that’s me all over. I’ll keep trying! This is today’s One shot for One Stop Poetry


31 responses to “Ghosts of Christmas Past

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  2. I read this as an empty nest kind of poem or an imagining of one…kind of “This Old House” in spirits who move through time and manifest in imagination and ghostly parades of bits and relics of Christmases past. I would think that over a rail against commercialism. Christmas free to memory and free ranging as well as without cost. That’s my take. Your allusions and references are certainly universal and pull up individual memories in your readers. Well done.

  3. I can imagine the feelings of being left behind for a house once filled with the joyous laughter of Christmas, now everyone has gone. This felt a little sad to me. I think any parent of grown childre can relate to the spirit of that house.

  4. Nothing communicates sadness more than an empty house, a darkened fireplace. And you use what used to be as an effective contrast that heightens the overall sense of sadness. Good poem.

  5. Good prof at the “Christmas spirit” – the hollowness that culture has so often ingrained into it. The empty house is a good image to show it; sad piece, but well struck.

  6. A poetic “Christmas Carole” that reminds me of a “Bleak House.” An excellent write and hints at what is important even through pointing out the negative aspects of the holiday. A lamentable home seems all the more heartbreaking this time of year. Excellent poem, Shan

  7. I see….what we left behind for the allmighty dollar. Or what the world did. It truly makes you think. I really do like this…and very glad to have met you 🙂

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