No conversation required,
Wordless silent comfort,
Where all we have is each other.
Supported in each others arms.

Tantalising tenderness of slow
thoughtless breath
on the nape of my neck
Tells me all I need to know.

You devour my soul,
There is no going back;
And in this single heartbeat moment
Nothing else matters.

Prompted by the work of Lisa Michelle Arhonditis. Beautiful photograph!

I’ve tried a 55 this week 😉 and linked up on One Stop Poetry


10 responses to “Moments

  1. nothing else maters… yep. smiles. Poem really kicks in that second stanza. Like the phrase “thoughtless breath” too. Great poem, Shan

    • How rude of someone to breathe without asking! I was thinking of the welsh translation and I think maybe I mangled the line! But the alliteration fit quite nicely. Thanks Adam, for the visit and for hosting the Sunday.

  2. That enchanting moment where nothing else matters, beautiful times, pity we cannot bottle such moments and drink them in our time of need. Wonderful poem.


  3. I believe you have captured exactly what it’s words just there in the quick, the real of the moment. Well done. Thanks for your comments about mine. I’m glad you liked my other photo angle 🙂 Gay @beachanny

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