He never questions his perfection,
Slicking back his jet black hair
With serum so thick
It coagulates immediately
The worn plastic comb looks sick
As it struggles with the enormity of its task.

Plucking the stray hairs from his nose
Bringing tears to his eyes,
Under the weak bathroom light
His skin looks almost grey
Time to wash the age away.
His mind meanders to her,
His prey, the vixen.

Baring all teeth
They seem to glint in the under light.

Admiring his body has become
A teasing foreplay,
Mostly for himself.
He ignores the belly
Made from beer
And winks at his reflection,
smacking his own rear.

She will never be his.
He knows this fancying that he is in love
What a notion,
He tried this devotion stuff before.
Didn’t work out.

Smearing himself in aftershave
Bought by his granny,
He goes out in pursuit of fanny.

Strange thing is love,
He contemplates
Kissing goodbye to his wife,
And walking to hers,
Another, with a band on her hand
Who’s slow roasting his bun.

Bit of humour to lift the spirits this week. My humble offering to One stop poetry’s one shop wednesday. why don’t you show us what you’ve got?


36 responses to “Predator

  1. A sharp and insightful poem. We all have known this character. Should we feel pity, compassion or revulsion?

    I think it’s a matter of how close to our lives they are. I remember…well, never mind, but your poem brought some ‘memories’ to the surface.

    I could see his behavior before the mirror very easily. And the phrasing: “the worn plastic comb looks sick” is spot on! Wonderful imagery.

    And that is a good way for a poem to act!

    Thank you for your post!

    Lady Nyo

  2. Wow, the image of this guy is something like sleazy…and cheezy…and I bet his wife thinks he is wonderful…bkm

  3. Great use of imagery to spotlight a self-proclaimed “Christian” f**tard piece of s**t who doesn’t respect the marriage vow – he’s (also) probably the first to say that “marriage is sacred – not to be blasphemed in any way” when confronted with the prospect of gay marriage.

  4. Great imagery of the man in question, I can see him clearly, the mirror is lying to him Lol. Really enjoyed your poem.


    • The beauty is that we girls all know of and have sometimes been intimate with this type of man. I’ve tried to be unbias here but I know that people will form their own opinions!

  5. Can I smack him please? I have a Lacrosse net? ❤

    Really see the dark humor in this, still think you should have blogged the "other" one lol ❤ ❤

  6. I think I ran into this guy years ago at a karaoke bar! Seriously though, so realistic this view, because I’ve actually encountered “men” like this at points in my life, walking away in disgust however. Amazing imagery added to this writing, so extremely well done. The saddest thing is, the one doesn’t care about the beer-gut, stinking cologne, is cooking and sitting home alone whilst the old “wolf” still prowls. Excellent! ~April

  7. shoot……you can tell all that just from my photo…damn those tweezers sure do hurt when pulling this hairs…..excellent as always my friend..and the belly aint that big….

  8. You’re right,Shan.I guess we girls have ran across this type of man one time or the other.Guess this type will never ran out of numbers.

    Had a great read.The humor and irony sure blended well.

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