Kiss goodbye

Words, whispered on the wind
carry your tender touch from miles afar.
How I long to seek the truth
Exhausted in the warmth of your aurora
Enamoured in the touch of your delicate hand
Against the cool of porcelain skin.

Words, waiting by the wayside
You never spoke them elsewhere?
Only to me. Yearning for your mind
To create symphony with mine own
Drowning, languid in your eyes
Melting neatly in the concave of your chest.

Words, wishing they weren’t false
The ache in my bones, to feel you near
Your weight against me left me breathless
Rough hands exploring in anticipation.
Silently electrifying as we are one
Eternally joined in doom.

Words, tender morsels of untruth
Keeping me in rapture
As our limbs intertwine
Searching my soul
an untouched sanctuary
kissing away my angst.

Words, how cruel to push me away
when you are done with me
empty whispers on sandy, windless shores,
My fool begs to hear them once more
Anticipates the final sting of your kiss
And the cruel goodbye.

Wednesday comes too quickly!

Submission for One Stop Poetry’s One shot Wednesday, lookin forward to perusing some of your poetry after 10pm.


24 responses to “Kiss goodbye

  1. I hope this isn’t based on experience lol I’ll kill him! Aaaanyhooo…lovely flow, nice to get some love/hurt poetry. You should blog that fantasy one it was so funny!! ❤

  2. “tender morsels of untruth” that line got to me. Enjoyed how you present both the promise and cruelty that come attached to many words, thoughts, and expressions themselves. Nice One Shot, Shan!

    • you’re welcome and thank you for the invite, I was going to read some posts tonight but got sidelined by a poorly child. Will make an effort to say hi to a few of the linkers in the morning x

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