Standing at the precipice
Forged by water relentless
Flowing over rock,
Their bare faces
Singing a shaman’s drone
echoing hypnotic
in every crevice.

You took my hand
We took flight.
Only where eagles dared to soar.
Looking down on ancient secrets
Whispering in palindrome.

And when the sun burnt clouds
Bid a final goodbye,
Revealing a myriad of diamond stars,
You told me an ancient tale,
Of the Havasupai.

Of a virgin girl,
Who endured a flood
Sent by her father.
Who founded civilisation
In the beauty of a canyon.

And in that moment
There was magic,
older than stone.

Beautiful photo by Trent Chau curtosey of one stop poetry


8 responses to “Flight

  1. so loved the tale of the havansupai what a neat interjection wove refreshing ~ air of liberty ~ ‘magic older than stone’ love that line spellbound ~ fab take ~ Lib

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  3. Lovely, Shan. You know I live in Arizona, so your telling of the tale of the Havasupai really touched me. And I agree that your first line ~
    “Standing at the precipice”
    immediately grabs the reader’s attention and interest. Wonderful!

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