I stood at the end of a lonely highway
Where I could not see a horizon
Only the hues of a setting sun,
Dazzling corona making the tarmacadam
roll like the sea, waves coming for me.

It seemed this road ran forever
Into the distance, far from my reach.
At my feet grains of sand were blown in a whirlwind
bleached white against the black of the tar.
And that gentle breeze was stifling.

It carried the smell of Mimosa and parched bones,
And the aroma of arid desert.
My mouth craved a touch of moisture
Dry lips puckered in craving,
A want I couldn’t satisfy.

Above the vultures circled
Their cackling kept at bay,
For the moment, at least
As I continued
On the never-ending highway.

This one was the first write, I kept seeing the situation like a desert. Funny thing is I’ve never been!

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9 responses to “Helpless?

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  2. I guess it depends on the desert. I never smelled a mimosa there, but there is a sort of acrid sweetness when desert cacti are in bloom. But certainly it’s a scary hot never ending road.
    Still I know that’s not what this is about — as the metaphor for the arid aspects of the long road of life, this is well written and well realized. Well done, you. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  3. A great desert description, especially for one who’s never been there. (Nature often provides us with metaphores like that) Nice One Shot.

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  5. From the midst of a desert, your words make me feel it even more. Amazing that you’ve never been since you captured it so perfectly!

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