On the street

I must keep my pride
Dignity, comes at a price
And mine is ignored.


12 responses to “On the street

    • Of course,

      I think he feels we strip him of his dignity by making him live in such a way, people ignoring him daily as if he is nothing. But he still has some pride.

      Hope this is a palpable explanation for you, and I’m glad to see a new face here.

  1. i love the “thud” at the end as i think you saw in “purposed bravado”. doesn’t need to be overstated, just please pierce hearts…

    thanks for your kind words…still a bit anonymous in the poetry world so probably why fewer comments there…

  2. I like the haiku. Simplifying complexities intrigues me. Dignity is certainly a complex thing but on the street it fades in light of hunger.

  3. Love haiku form (just ask the Moon 🙂 This assignment felt beyond that to me…so I wrote free prose. You distilled it down beautifully…. Thank you. The homeless person in me bows to the divine in you…

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