The words from my finger tips
Clawed onto the blank page,
Clinging for their lives
Undead idioms
Haunting, screaming
As I cried for their release.
Tears fell onto the keyboard
Possessed by syllables
Consumed by grammar.
Metaphors, no longer required
similes no longer smiled
As words took over
And my heart fell
on deaf ears.

A 55 word story penned for One Stop Poetry’s One Shot Wednesday.

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27 responses to “Release

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    • I’m actually thrilled to have found you on twitter. Absolutely adored your work, and I downloaded an old favourites tab from my Mac and there you were! Thank god for small mercies!

  2. oh but it seems a few ears have found you…vivid imagery…great stuff…and some days yeah…all over the page…smiles. nice one shot!

  3. Even when words take over, there is never a guarantee anyone will listen. Love the fingertip image clawing at the page—writer possessed unleashing a torrent of words. Nice One Shot, Shan

  4. I once opened a poem with those very words – imagine my surprise; but your opening evolved into a far better poem than mine. I understood yours and took it to my heart. Thank you. Gay @beachanny

  5. those words have a way of doing that
    nice 55

    there are several microfiction sites around
    that several of us enjoy gman and monkey man

    thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon smiles

  6. Different! Really enjoyed the way you played with words using terms to prove your point 🙂 loved it and I’ve so been here too!

  7. shan…it might be only 55 words but you have such a way of stamping your beautiful style all over it…I can assure you that lordy is just as blessed at finding you too on twitter…cheers pete

  8. The power of language and your own power to utter how well words go with a wise intelligence, i.e. YOURS

    Shame I cannot follow you… but will keep you by my sidebar. Your blog is amazing!

    thanks for your visit!


  9. Tears, poetry, it’s all a release isn’t it? Enjoyed how you captured that need for release with your words

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