Tangled Web

Etched denials, Seared on worthy souls
In turmoil,
The self destruct button has been pushed.
Frail remorse,
Searching through Facebook
Danger zones
“Welcome to my life~
Feel free to judge”

Applying the compartmentalized mask
Binary code conjours a persona
Magiks any techno pagan can be proud of,
Show the world the side of you
You want them to see.

Is he real?
Are you real?
Or a succession of numbers illuminated in code
Hiding behind a persona of intelligent smiles
And an avatar of wonderous beauty?

It’s a tangled web we weave
like spiders, rushing to and fro
building foundations
From functions
Striving to find

Bit of a musing here, written after I found someone had deceived me online.

Written in support of one shot Wednesday, on one stop poetry, where writers and poets meet , follow the link go and sign yourself in 🙂


26 responses to “Tangled Web

  1. Donetimes I really envy the flow of your poems and the way you write for other people instead of putting I everywhere like I do! Nailed it babe well done and I hope *the prick* reads it lol 😀

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  3. I do believe there can be more truth in fiction (at times more than scripted “news shows”). However, everything you mention in your poem about the reality of the images on the ‘Net (social media) bothers me for various reasons; makes me consider logging off. Can relate, Shan. Your thought provoking poem does have a nice flow too.

  4. We project ourselves – or our alter- selves – into these pixels and bits. Ultimately, any attempt to deceive others is really an attempt to deceive ourselves — and it won’t work forever. Good poem.

  5. Good thoughts and some times one needs to really sit back and take stock of social media interactions… Every one is not like you, who can be what they are, but many of them out there, are only to be, what they are not and satisfy their inner desire to be what they would have liked to be… (Ok I hope I have not confused you)
    I liked your take on the social sites… I am in there too. Best way I have realised is to compartmentalize the same – in professional and personal life segments…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  6. Oh those social networks are exactly the way you’ve described them… We are not people but numbers and numbers are so easy to get deceitful…

  7. i am nervously commenting…in case i am “he” that you refer!!!!! Seriously though this was very well said…there are far too many people out there hiding behind “computer” masks….we did a piece on this at one shot a while back about the pitfalls of the internet, cyber bullying and so forth….but enough of this…your poem…you write so well shan and i love the way you have crafted this piece…your work was missed and i am glad you have picked up the pen again…



    • Hey Pete,

      I know you’re one of the good guys. Thank you for making me pick up my quill and ink. I feel at home in poetry, I forgot how good it was x

  8. I read more and more stories about people’s issues with their supposed ‘friends’ online.

    Makes me glad I don’t bother with any of that social networking nonsense.

    (My family and friends are all the ‘networking’ I’ll ever need)

  9. Hmm. I like it–a nice little bite at the modern world. Sorry to hear about your online trouble–annoying how easy it is for people to do such things, in this age of the anonymous online. Very well done–and it flows wonderfully!

  10. Very appropriate piece for today’s online world. I fear for those who invest to much faith in the veracity of what they see and read in blogs and on the social networks.

  11. Ah yes, the uncontrol of what is posted and then, does everyone really think before posting….

    But you have expressed well the trials of this newer world of HTML and its ongoing codes to the future.

  12. Unfortunately we will all encounter such individuals or ‘spammers’ (as they are called in cybor’vile). We just have to use our intuition & try to pick out the genuine from the fakes, although with ever improving technology this proves more tricky everyday but not impossible. Great piece, Love your page & work. Will so be coming back to read more 😉

  13. I also learned the hard way this year that the deception can be so all-encompassing either the person spends serious time building their online persona or the person is a sociopath. There are so many ways to be taken in online, yet I still feel that I have made some “real” friends.

  14. hi Shanellis- you are an excellent writer. Welcome to the world of online deception. I too have encountered the fakes and users. I did a Tangled Web photo referring to that exact subject. I have run across some real interesting things on the internet 🙂
    Warm wishes to you and keep writing your wonderful poetry

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