A heart howls to the four cold winds,

Unheard, for all its terrible emotion.

Devoid of meaning, a scream in the wilderness

As a black figure comes into view.

Barren of feeling, newborn to the dark,

It embraces the icy breeze and hums a nightmarish song.

Behind it, the figure leaves a cottage in flames,

As wild dogs ravage the disgraced owner who obeyed his own lust.

His punishment, now flames.

As the figure walks a straight path

A sly grin on its pock marked face,

Ruana laughs, her heart torn,

Her evil babe, reborn.

Free to create hell on this earth

Brychan breathes and the crows fall at his feet

Carrion he leaves, and evil he seeks.


15 responses to “Torn

  1. When I read you poem…I feel like I’m watching a movie…so vivid are the images you create with your words…my heart begins to pump and the blood flows waiting for the next line of the poem…kudos!

  2. There is something about your poems… It’s like the words belong to another world yet they are so familiar! I love the melody of this poem; fragile and beautiful! 🙂

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