55 word story-A nightmare

The doctors words drone on in her ears,
The sum and total of growing fears,
Her baby laying on the bed
Fighting for her final breath.
The hair she plaited matted down
angelic face stuck in a frown,
small form surrounded by machines,
A mothers love is not enough
To ease pain
This can’t be happening,
shaking her head, she hears the words
“He was drunk…”

11 responses to “55 word story-A nightmare

  1. oh heck, that is heartbreaking. i had a nephew that spent the first 6 months of his life on machines…its horrible to see a baby that way…

  2. 55 words said a lot! packed with emotions! your words gave me a visual treat. lovely and sad!
    ps: five five … awesome!

  3. Heartbreaking. One of every mother’s worst nightmares. You are such a gifted writer, Shan.

  4. Sadly too true & even more sadly too often the truth, to face such a fear is more than any parent can think of, and none should ever have to face.

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