Under the bare bones of the apple tree

A frigidity swept over me

A coolness that bore me to the bone,

The loss of a friend, the one I called home.

As winter ravens cackled in grey British skies

And white snow-filled clouds burdened by

Ice tears formed in my eyes

As my feet followed the path of trodden earth

We used to walk in days of mirth.

On automatic pilot to the hard stone wall

Where keystones had scattered

Hand placed, they fall

At my small tired feet.

The smell of winter, old oak and pine

purvey into this empty mind.

Thinking of a world without a spring

Empty words, in my mind ring

As I search for reason

In this manic silent world

Without you.


37 responses to “Exploration

  1. This poem is written with much expression, and emotions. Yes, I agree with jingle you have captured your feelings sucessfully. Thank you for stopping by William’s public page to read my poem. You are very kind.

  2. The depth of the feeling in this poem is amazing and the words you selected add to the heavy sad tone of the poem…just an excellent poem.

  3. I thought I left a messagedon’t see it, but I am impressed with the vivd images here that pull out the strong emotion lying jsut below the surface. Nice.

  4. thinking of a world without a spring……that line just grabbed me…..nice…bkm

  5. I doubt I could ever imagine a world without spring, love, or friendship. We are all lucky to be alive. Beautiful poem, Shan.

  6. Hi shan, you know my feelings on this already..having heard you read it & then go back and re read it I so love this..would sit brilliantly in amongst my darked series…we are very similar in that respect..well done

  7. Wow! great wordcraft, expressing your deep wide hurt within the setting you choose. “frigidity” here is is like an emotional onomontepia, and “At my small tired feet” is arresting. So very sad, but you create a gem from it.

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