Trafferth mewn tafern…Trouble in the tavern

A musk and dank, settled over the hay strewn floor

Drunks danced and revelled with the whores

Who bared their souls on their bosoms

In the dark heart of the night.

In corners with thieves and murderers

Conspired a lonely page.

Ibrahim, full of rage and lust whispered in a poets ear

Words that he longed to hear.

The golden queen, upon her throne,

Was his for the devouring, her love un-known.

The news filled our poet with thoughts of heroism

A new found prospect, a muse, gleaming and pure.

Ibrahim’s pulse raced in his chest,

His hand on his purse, the place he loved best

next to his Josquin; but that was reserved

for a lowly maiden with golden curls.

The bard, Landrou, now on first name terms,

With his betrayer,  regards him as a true friend.

A man is stabbed in the heart as the cockerel crows

But Landrou thinks only of his golden rose.

He is to wait one week and return

to visit her, to quell his yearning

and taste a queen.


15 responses to “Trafferth mewn tafern…Trouble in the tavern

  1. Your poem dear is outstanding and written with a very nice flow. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

  2. I’m more in love with the Chronicles as each new Tale unfolds. I had to go back and reread them all, I enjoy them so. Yummy, Shan. *Big Hugs*

  3. Good work, lovely tale, though i am just catching a part of it, I shall read the rest here very soon so i know all what is going on. Take care and continue to pursue your talent.

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