Jingle poetry Rally Week 18

Forgive me for being in absentia this week. This post is written with my iphone wp application! Never posted from here previously so forgive me if there are any numpty mistakes!

I hope that you enjoy this weeks offering. Thank you to my friend Mair for the idea. Those of you who enjoy cooking, here is a little recipie for you:

A recipie

Take two proportionate pieces of clay and roll into two cylinders.
Prepare two shorter cylinders in the same way.
Mould a short torso sticking the longer cylinders at the bottom, shorter cinders towards the top on either side.
Roll one ball.
Carefully place this on top, between the short cylinders so that it is level.

Add to this a dash of honesty, some wickedness and the ability to laugh at yourself.

These should be ingredients found in most kitchen cabinets.

An ounce of counselling skills follows;
Compassion, understanding; reasoning.
Two broad shoulders where many tears can be caught.

A smidgeon of Intelligence

Final ingredient is heart, add to your own tastes.

NB: without the final ingredient,
Recipie for mother
Will surely fail.


18 responses to “Jingle poetry Rally Week 18

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  2. how true….I love this…
    Mr. Shakira is an International Chef..
    this sounds very him…love it!

    Mine is here
    Happy Sensational Wednesday!

  3. witty… funny how it calls for only a “smidgeon of Intelligence.” lol I don’t own an iPhone, though def want one. That’s so cool that your using that app. awesome 🙂

  4. Ow Shan that was amazing! I’d love to have a mum like you but that would just be plain weird lol ❤ Home next weekend so I guess I'll see you there *mwah* gorgeous lady!<3<3

  5. Ha! Nice recipe. I bet I could think of some other things to pop into that recipe, but I like yours so will leave it at that. Visiting from Ji’s poet rally

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