The devil sits here

Whispering into my ear

Things I should ignore.


I bite my lip hard,

Repressing raising anger

behind nude lipstick.


Injustice stinging

Raging a path to my eyes

Which water slowly


All I can do here

Is sit and wait for answers

I’m tempted to scream.


24 responses to “Temptation

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  2. nice.

    right now, I have some fear.
    when I get up, I hear a dog’s bark outside my front door, someone lurking around my house, my hubby is out of town, it is midnight 4:39am…wow, I double
    checked my backyard door, making sure it is locked…
    I turned on lights outside to make it bright…

    incredible writing!

  3. perfect poem. i so many times feel like it. crying out of rage- not pain. waiting for justice-waiting for an answer.

    which sooner or later arrives.

  4. I really LOVE this..
    I remember times like that…long days and nights…
    very powerful…intense…nice…

    • Hey shakira! Thanks honey it’s always nice to see you! Dod you see my comment in the chat box? I’ve been trying to get one on here but I can’t even work tabs lol! Take carex

  5. wow…wonderful poem..i like it! 🙂 it’s really best to just let it out..and not suppress how we are feeling..

  6. VERY powerful! I was sitting right there, biting my lip, trying not to cry …not wanting to show the emotions…

    You are SUCH a good writer ~ poet! I love your words, Shan.

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