Through anothers’ Eyes

The mockingbird screams its final tune

As mayhem ensues.

Dark eyes watch the carniage

Burning wreck, insolvent individuals

Running to and fro, hands in hair

Charred with ash, gravel, dirt.

What is this Earth?

What is this humanity?

The Raven watches entranced

Awaiting its last macabre dance.

Anticipaiting its final meal.

Rest assured it will be fulfilling.

Black eyes peruse,

Unfeeling of the situation,

Of the pain and the emotion,

Only carrion here

Where brother fights brother, kills sister.

Lest we forget

Fundementally 46 gene pairs

make us the same.

“Belief structure” makes us different.

Holier than though-than whom?

The starling above,

Makes no reference to the burning and bellowing below.

Continues its flight

No hesitations.

Not caring for warring nations.


4 responses to “Through anothers’ Eyes

  1. Hi Shân!
    Beautiful poem. We’re all one. Yes, indeed!
    We need writing like yours. One day people will get it!Maryse aka @Wifsie

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