Long forgotten

Dusty remnants of youth gone by,

Withered rose now looses her petals

Looking up in despair,

Hint of a wasted life,

Spent passions,

Whistful desires.

Looking for roots in fertile earth

When all is sand and dust.

Searching for an oasis.

Somewhere roots can be laid anew

nourishment can be afforded,

Sun can smile.

She was never a rose to begin with.

Just a tired ol’ eggplant

Trying to find her way.

Thank you to jingle for this award

Thanks to Trisha for this award.

9 responses to “Long forgotten

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  2. And even a tired ol’ eggplant can lay down roots and begin anew. Great reminder that as long as we’re alive, there’s hope. Thank you.

  3. sorry to hear about your mother’s illness…

    there are many previous participants,
    I try not to force people attend, but I do highly expect them to come themselves…

    sorry for not noticing you..
    you keep contributing,
    I do appreciate you.

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