I miss you…

Dedicated to my friend,Louis. I know you’re out there, I took the flowers today, and I miss you honey. You were forgiven before the question was asked. But I guess you already know that.

Sunrise, golden memories of your eternal smile

fall to mind

the essence of happiness and youthfulness.

Even in the falling of the raindrops, I hear your laugh

See your eyes light up as they used to do.

But that is all a memory now.


Our home, the hills and valleys,

childhood memories that are left behind,

“Greener than the greenest green” you used to say

Before throwing me up into the bluest of blue skies

But that is all a memory now.


Running through the purple heather,

Cutting my legs, laughing, just to come to you.

Blood flowing crimson, like the clouds tonight floating

I felt you here, where you should be, beside me.

But that is all a memory now.


It snowed the day you had to go.

Pure white, but not as bright as any light that came from you.

I said my goodbyes, not understanding, leaving you

eternally young, in the place we both loved the best

Between sea and mountain.

I laid that ochre earth, striking where you lay

Dispelling the brightness of your soul.


My tears were ice as I left you there, alone

in the snow, a miracle the weatherman said.

My tears, glass in the warmth of my home.

My blood ran thick with the anger that you had left me alone

in this world.

But that is all a memory now.


As I look tonight upon the wilderness,

I sense you still watch.

What do you think of me now?

Have I disappointed you?

Am I all you dreamed?

Do you remember the times we shared?

It’s a heart-felt memory now.

RIP Louis Williams 1/1/77 to 6/4/95.

Accidental overdose.

Love you always.

16 responses to “I miss you…

  1. your words flow
    with the images of then
    I go with you through the heather
    with your friend
    I see your joy
    I feel your pain
    in the walking away

    with many who have left me
    of their own hand
    over the years
    hiding inside their fears
    feeling alone in the world
    unsure where to turn

    I read your words
    they brings tears
    for you
    for me
    for all those who slipped
    from here to there
    even accidentally

    I believe I feel them near
    so many tiimes I no longer count
    the waves that came from them
    always touch in certain ways

    so from my heart to yours
    I share in your wonder
    I share in your missing

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    • I’m convinced he’s still here. When I’m down the strangest things happen in the house, the kettle will boil just as I’m getting up to make coffee, my little girls fan came on by itself one night when she was running a fever. All very strange 🙂

  3. Ah Shan ~ you really pour your heart out on this one, so moving ~ and I’m extremely touched. You write so beautifully ~ what a tribute..

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