Jingle’s Poets Rally, week 11

What a neat idea! I’ve never been a part of a poetry community, but I think it’s an interesting thing. I’m new to the genre, so I hope you forgive my clumsiness. This however, is my offering for Jingle’s poet’s rally.


A tender touch of warmth, licking the land

Bringing it alive,

Previously huddled in a blanket of darkness,

Snoozing comfortably under the stars.

And then a kiss, a tickle, a tendril,

As black becomes indigo, then mutates to golden brown

As her crown, reaches the horizon,

And her corona, burns crimson,

Reflecting the clouds above,

The dawn,

Watched a thousand times

Never ceases to amaze.

I would like to nominate a poet I read daily, Adam.

9 responses to “Jingle’s Poets Rally, week 11

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  2. I don’t think you are ever going to cease to amaze with your stunning imagery either, Shan. This is my third reading ~ first two left me speechless! Brilliant!

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